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New York was once a territory of England, before the United States gained their independence during the American Revolution. As part of the original thirteen colonies, New York has many different historical landmarks that individuals should enjoy seeing.

And if you aren’t a history buff, there’s still plenty more to see in the state. Apart from national landmarks and the history of the state, New York attractions are the main reason why people from all over the world come to visit.

Niagara Falls is the place to see if people can really go over in a barrel, while the birthplaces of Susan B. Anthony and both Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt will excite America historians. If it’s the sea that interests you, viewing some of the rivers, such as the Hudson and East River, as well as those ships that have sailed across them will hold merit.

New York attractions aren’t just for history; as the second point for US entertainment, much of the west’s culture has come from the state. The Harlem Renaissance created the height of African-American literature and writers, while the popular musical form of jazz gained notoriety here. If you’re looking for a show, stroll down Broadway where a stretch of musical theater awaits you, while the various art galleries and museums, like the Guggenheim and Museum of Art will please the inner artist in you.

Are buildings more your style? Only second to Hong Kong in terms of the tallest buildings in the world, New York is home to two of those – the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Take in a view from the Rockefeller Center or stay on the ground and visit NBC Studios or the great Ice Skating Rink. Perhaps you wish to remember those that lost their lives and the heroes who made a difference one fateful September day in 2001; the new World Trade Center memorial allows visitors to reflect on lives lost and how the nation came together against terror.

Maybe you just want to take in the scenery. New York is home to many a park and recreational facilities or maybe you want to have a real live sports experience. Take in a Mets or Yankees baseball game, go see the Jets or even the Knicks play live in their home stadiums.

For some travelers, New York might mean tracing your ancestors. The famed Statue of Liberty greeted many an immigrant from Europe as they fled from war, causing the state to be a cultural meld of different tastes, expressions, and lives. Lady Liberty still stands for democracy of a land that is called America.

If traveling during the holiday season, New York lights up for the festivities. Many of the shops gear up for their holiday decorations that are unlike anything seen before and of course, the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree is a treat for everyone. And what’s a holiday without a parade? Several cities in New York hold annual Thanksgiving and Christmas parades, many featuring balloons, characters, and of course the big man in the red suit, Santa.

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New York Attractions

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New York Attractions

This article was published on 2011/12/03